About This Blog

Welcome!  In August 2012, after numerous health challenges, I embarked on a wellness journey that involved changing my ideas and relationship with food.  With some help along the way, I have made my best attempt to revert back to ancestral and indigenous ways of sustenance adapted to modern world realities.  Several months ago, a friend mentioned that in order to take good care of ourselves these days, we need to be "food revolutionaries" and fight for the appropriate sustenance for our bodies because much of the food that is on the market is not made in our best interests.  This blog is about being part of that Indigenous Food Revolutionary along my journey through health.  I hope to share recipe ideas and inspirations, experiences, research, and any other ideas that come to mind in my continual engagement with wellness.  The recipes here will mostly be within the categories of:  Native American/Indigenous,  Paleo,  Primal,  Gluten-free,  Dairy-free,  Vegetarian,  Vegan,  (T1)Diabetes-friendly,  Low-carbohydrate,  Low-sugar,  Low-glycemic,  High-protein,  Non-GMO, and whenever possible,  Organic,  Grassfed,  Free-range, or  Cage-free.  Thank you for joining me!

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***Disclaimer: This information provided herein should not be construed as a health care diagnosis, treatment, or prescribed health care advice.  The publisher of this blog is not engaged in the practice of medicine or any other health-care profession.  Those in need of medical advice or care are advised to see the appropriate health care professional.***