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This is where I will share useful resources on topics like Native health, foods, diabetes, useful products, blogs, and intellectual materials on food philosophy. I receive no compensation for sharing this information.

FROM GARDEN WARRIORS TO GOOD SEEDS: INDIGENIZING THE LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT: This blog website follows the journeys of Dr. Elizabeth Hoover as she visits several Native farming and gardening organizations across Indian Country, documenting her travel through interviews, photo, video, and the blog.

HEALTHY ACTIVE NATIVES: This link is to a Facebook page group which has been a building community for Native American people, encouraging support, fitness, and wellness.

HEALTHY ROOTS - TWO ROW TIMES: In early 2015, the Two Row Times newspaper based at the Six Nations community in Ontario established a new health and wellness initiative called #HealthyRoots. Participants took part in a decolonizing diet program for three months and have offered supportive programming for health, wellness, gardening, and fitness. Their Facebook group page can be found here.

MOHAWK SEEDKEEPERS: Terrylynn Brant has been doing amazing work at the Six Nations community through her seedkeeping, farming, and maintaining traditional ways. Keep up with her activities through her webpage and find out more about heirloom seeds, beekeeping, farming, homesteading, sewing, creative activities, and more! She also manages a Facebook group called "Mohawk Seedkeepers."

WELL FOR CULTURE: Launched in June 2015, this website is dedicated to Native holistic wellness through Indigenized fitness, recipes, community-building, and cultural and traditional revitalization.

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